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Diversity Distribution is proud to introduce our team of professonals:

Lee McDuffey - Chairman & CEO


Lee is the CEO and Chairman of Diversity Distribution, and is also responsible for Business Development/Minority Affairs for Diversity Search, Inc. For the last 20 years Lee has directed the Consumer Products Group in the areas of National Accounts, Category Management, Marketing Professionals, as well as other key areas. His expertise includes specializing in diversity recruiting, workforce balancing, and employee retention and diversity solutions. Lee has been influential in helping clients increase their bottom lines and profits through sales and marketing retaining top talent. Lee was a featured expert in Black Enterprise Magazine on recruiting and most recently featured in Diversity Edge Magazine’s Business Spotlight “Living Diversity”. He recently received a Diversity First award from the National Diversity Council for being exemplary in the field of Consumer Products and diversity. The most recent accomplishment for Lee was to win one of the most prestigious award given to a minority recruiter, the "America's Top Diversity Champion for 2011" award. Congratulations, Lee!

Chris Thomas - CCO (Chief Customer Officer)


Chris is a multi-disciplined executive qualified by a successful and progressive international track record encompassing all aspects of business development, including sales, marketing and general management. He was most recently General Manager for the Frito Lay team at Wal-Mart globally and previously VP of global sales for Alberto Culver. He is known for his creative and balanced initiatives that get results, pale in comparison to Chris’s ability to manage and motivate his team. He has earned recognition and numerous awards, including Salesperson of the Year and Supplier of the Year.

Aurelia Jackson - CMO


Over 25 years of extensive experience in domestic and international sales and marketing with three Fortune 500 companies: L’Oreal USA, Alberto Culver, & General Food. Aurelia became the Executive Vice President of Sales for Carson Products Company in 1998. Carson Products was the manufacturer of the #1 ethnic hair care product line out of Savannah, Georgia prior to the acquisition by L’Oreal USA. Innovative and energetic with a record of success in growing revenues while maintaining profit margins, Aurelia exemplifies professionalism and commitment. Corporate goals and objectives were continuously exceeded. She successfully introduced strategic and tactical programs used to grow market share and improve competitive performance. Aurelia is proactive, people-oriented, and a comprehensive thinker with a strong work ethic, capable of building trust and respect with people of all cultures.